architecture + interiors

Architecture + Interiors.

In short:
What is it?
The award-winning architecture.

What is offered?
Architecture and interior design at different stages:

selection of materials, furniture and equipment,
supervision over the project realisation.

What does the result look like?
There is a portfolio with examples of my work in the right part of the screen. You can click them for a closer look.

How to describe it in a few words?
Philosophy and function as the basis of a composition.

What makes these works special?
The ideas behind the projects.

What are the conditions?
Price and time of completion depend on complexity, stage and amount of works, so it's better to discuss it by phone, by email or in person.

Who does all this work?
Dmitry Kovalev,
the architect and designer with many years of experience (the earliest work you can see in this section is dated 1999),
Master of Architecture, graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute,
who worked as senior architect of a project, a deputy chief in creative work and personnel areas at Discipline Global Architecture studio,
and was a teacher of "Designing" subject at the university for six years.

Also there could be other specialists working on a project if it is required. The team may vary depending on a complexity of a project.

In more detail:
I produce architectural and interior design projects

for newly constructed and existing (unfinished, being reconstructed) objects like

residential country houses,
small trading buildings,

and also any other

public or
buildings or interiors.

In the portfolio you can see examples like


And besides,
I make projects of interior elements such as

lighting fixtures
and so on.

Depending on a size and complexity of a building, a project can consist of a full set of project documentation, including working drawings, or can be limited to conceptual project or other stages prior to working drawings.

In any case typical project includes

floor plans,
functional schemes,

It can also include

drawings of details,
electric and engineering schemes,
other drawings.

Sometimes there is no need of a fullscale project at all, but it is just enough to take a consultation instead.
In this case I come to the building site or existing object together with other specialists if needed (structural engineer, landscape architect) and if the problem is simple enough to solve it right on site, we offer solutions illustrated by schemes and sketches.
If the question is broad and complicated, we mark the ways of solving it and estimate the appropriate amount of needed project documentation.

The selection of the exact finishing materials, furniture and equipment items, light fixtures and other elements is also provided.
In those cases when there is no needed element in the market, it can be possible to design it and make the custom one.

And when the project is ready and the construction has began, it can be useful to have a specialist on the building site to control the construction process.
So, in this case follow-through or supervision is offered. Once or twice a week (or even more often if needed) the specialist visits the construction site to inspect the process and to answer all the questions should they arise.

How to describe the style of the works?
Minimalism? Deconstructivism? Geometrism? Conceptualism?

Philosophy and ideas behind the works - those are what matter.

I prefer clever, creative, functional and effective architecture.

And the same is about interiors.

Creativity, style, level and range of my ideas and solutions you can estimate by looking at my works.
Dmitry Kovalёv Architecture
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