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Office buildings in historical context.

Office buildings.

Project of office buildings in historical context .

Here you see the street elevation. It is divided into two parts to fit into one picture, so the bottom part should be to the right of the upper part. It is the same side of the street.

Existing buildings are in black and the newly constructed are in red.

This example shows that I make not only extreme architectural solutions. ;)

The task was to make two buildings in historical environment of Gospitalnaya street in Moscow.

Even though there are several historical buildings, there is almost no information about what were the buildings on the empty sites because they were wooden and were destroyed very long time ago.
So, the task was not to restore previously existed buildings, but to create absolutely new which would fit into the context.

So I decided not to imitate facade decor of the previous centuries, but to make honest contemporary buildings which would not disturb the historical environment.
They would not mimic the old ones, it would be obvious that they are new, but they should fit into the street.

Both buildings should have contained offices, catering for personnel and underground parking.

So you can see them in the street elevation, and go further for views from closer distance.

Office buildings in historical context.
Gospitalnaya street elevation. Moscow.