Dmitry Kovalёv Architecture
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Theater. OISTAT competition.


The original orthogonal framework is blue, distorted framework is red, main auditorium ellipsoid is cyan, non-transparent parts of framework, which include fly loft, trap room, orchestra pit and other facilities, are grey.
Public areas such as foyers and cafes are fully glassed and transparent.

The front hanging part of the ellipsoid contains a backstage and it could be made with materials of variable transparency, so the city environment itself could be used as a back for a performance.
The building site for a theater was considered to be a corner at Trubnaya square in Moscow. There is a significant rise of the relief on the opposite side of the square, so it could give an interesting view.

The blue-framework parts of the building on the back plane of the picture contain all the other necessary theatre facilities including second rehearsal stage with a small auditorium.

All the appearance of the building represents the spirit, the feel, the vision of the influence which is made by theatre to the ordinary, arranged, square everyday life.

So the image of the theatre is dynamic, distorted and deconstructive, bringing the changes, but at the same time stable in its collision.

OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition.