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Skyscraper, international competition


The project consists of two phases.
The first phase is the term project of a multifunctional complex of residential buildings, made at a "Residential and Public Buildings" Department of Moscow Architectural Institute in 2000.
The second phase is slightly modified and improved version of the project, made in 2014 for the "Elevator Annual 2014 Superskyscrapers Awards Competition".

The theme of the competition was "a unique vertical experience". This unique vertical experience is provided by a group of elevators, situated outside the building inside the glass shaft and serving as moving observation decks.

You can see the red tube piercing the building. This is the glass shaft for elevators. It goes directly to the two top functional zones of the skyscraper, passing by the other floors.

The building consists of four sections, divided by white technical floors:
The lower 42 floors are residential, the next 9 floors are offices, the third section of 13 floors is a hotel and the last section of 13 floors is fitness and entertaining complex with a 25-meters swimming pool under the sloping glass roof.

The first two sections have they own elevators inside the building.
The upper sections are for tourists, so it is logical to provide them a transit access by the separate group of elevators.

On the top of that piercing shaft are the observation decks and telecommunication equipment.

Elevator Annual 2014 Superskyscrapers Awards Competition.